Wizzley: A Quality Online Writing Site

Have you checked out Wizzley, one of the best of the new online writing sites? It’s a perfect place to begin writing online.

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Have you heard of Wizzley? It’s a great place to read interesting and well-written online articles on a variety of subjects you’re interested in. It is run by some of the best writers at Squidoo and HubPages, my first writing sites, and it combines the best features of each to provide a first quality home base for those who want to write online

Wizzley is one of my newest writing sites, but not so new I have not had time to use and evaluate it. I am pleased with the traffic it brings me, and it gives me  do-follow links to promote my work elsewhere.  I can also market products there from my best affiliate programs, and earn  referral  rewards for finding new Wizzley authors.

Join Wizzley

Most online writers want to know right off the bat how they can earn money from a writing site.  Wizzley lets writers earn from Adsense and from promoting products from their own Zazzle, All Poster, and Amazon affiliate accounts. To pay its own bills, Wizzley keeps 40 to 50% of the page impressions your work generates. When you first start writing on Wizzley, you keep the income from 50% of the impressions.  When you have written and successfully published five articles on Wizzley, your links become “do follow,” giving you valuable backlinks to other work. When you have successfully published 50 Wizzley articles, you will begin to get the earnings from 60% of the impressions your pages generate.

Although  HubPages  is also a wonderful site for the beginning online writer, you might find Wizzley more user friendly. It’s modules are easy to use, and make it a breeze to write text and share photos and  videos from You Tube. You can also add polls, maps, links lists, and other enhancements to your article without having to know any code,  and it’s simple to move your modules around to make your work more visually appealing.  To get a feel for what you can do with these modules, take a look at my Recipe for Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Pudding — one of my First Wizzley articles.

Why not add some  articles in the education category and lay the foundation for earning a bit of extra money to finance some of your own extra education expenses? Sign up at Wizzley now for free . It’s a great place to begin writing online.

Update, April, 1, 2015

Squidoo is no longer online. Its writers have moved or are still moving their articles to other sites or their own blogs.  A new site, Persona Paper is also a great site for beginners at online revenue sharing writing sites.

Author: Barbara Radisavljevic

I have been reading since the age of three, and still use books to relax or learn something new. I sold books in a store and online and on the road for a total of 30 years, and now I enjoy recommending my favorites to others.

8 thoughts on “Wizzley: A Quality Online Writing Site”

  1. Wizzley has a very easy-to-use platform and nice people! Even the people who run the website actually talk to you! This is my profile link. http://wizzley.com/authors/cmoneyspinner/

    At first I was afraid to write because they required 5 articles to take you seriously. But once I did the 5, I’m like “Not bad!”

    It’s a pretty cool site but I have yet to generate any revenue. I’m hoping this holiday season people will really be in the shopping mood. Nice post!

    1. cmoneyspinner, I agree Wizzley is easy to use. I’ve got my first five articles. I think I may even have more. The only problem is that I don’t have enough to make an money yet, and I feel I’m losing money every minute I’m away from Bubblews. I also hate affiliate selling (except for Zazzle), and I don’t have to do it to make money on Bubblews.

  2. Reblogged this on Dispensable Thoughts and commented:
    The Wizzley site is an excellent starting point for newbie freelance writers and if you’re experienced, the sky is the limit! Ask Jo Harrington!! Ms. Harrington wrote a book on Writing for Wizzley. She’s gonna get me one of these days for always throwing her name around. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this info! As a new writer who hopes someday to make writing a larger part of my livelihood, I will check this out!

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