Prompt Writings: My Lost Epiphany

I Venture into Reblogging

It’s Monday, and I found this treasure (which you can find at the bottom of this post) on #Mondayblogs. I never retweet what I haven’t read, and today I’m finding more than one poem link being tweeted that I really like. Both poems are short and evoked an emotional response from me, as a good poem does. Here’s how I evaluate poetry.

Here’s another treasure I picked up on Twitter where I found the poem and image perfectly matched.

I Venture into Reblogging
I Venture into Reblogging

This is an experiment in reblogging. For some reason, I thought something from the reblogged post would show as the first part of this post. I had to open this and preview it to see that a link to the poem I loved is tacked to the bottom, not the top. I hope you will do yourself a favor and go read it.

The Poems Speak of Loss

Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and take a break to read these poems and let me know which you most relate to. Hint: Both speak to losses– lost opportunities, lost dreams, or lost time living in our memories instead of blazing a path to a new reality.

All change requires time to adjust to that new reality. This is especially true after the loss of a loved one. Our memories of that loved one are a place to go when grief is intense since they are the only way to bring the loved one back, even momentarily. Reliving those memories helps us bridge the gap between the old reality and the new. The problem occurs when a grieving person retreats into the old reality and never tries to move on. I’ve seen it happen, and that’s the great loss of all — never knowing the peace, acceptance, and opportunity that moving to that new reality might bring.

Courteney Levet

Poetry. That is the inspiration for prompt #5. While I have written some poetry, it is usually prose that drags me along by the wrist until I agree to play. 

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I have been reading since the age of three, and still use books to relax or learn something new. I sold books in a store and online and on the road for a total of 30 years, and now I enjoy recommending my favorites to others.

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