Barb has been a seller of books for children and educators since 1993. She has also been a public library clerk (first real job), and teacher in both public and private schools before retiring to become a mom. She  spent nine years as a card buyer at Logos of Westwood in Los Angeles and consultant for buying children’s books.

She has always been an avid reader. She is revisiting children’s literature and reading much that was still unpublished when she was teaching in schools and later, her own children.  She is sorry that many out-of-print children’s books published before 1985 are targeted for destruction by the new CPSIA law that is concerned about the supposedly dangerous lead content in these books.  It is a law that defies common sense, since it targets many items for children that have never been known to harm a child. In order to “save the children, ” their parents are no longer able to buy most second-hand clothing and books, since thrift shops are afraid to sell them anymore for fear of prosecution.  For more information, please see these links:

Congress, CPSC pointing fingers on toy safety bill

From the Boston Globe

Half Price Books Unstocks CPSIA Children’s Books

Please consider writing or calling your Congressmen about this.

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